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The gay little 11 yearold on iCarly
Nevel: Get ready Carly for a real kiss, from a real man....... mother run a bath!!
by applealex December 08, 2009

Means "next level"

Combined two words kind of like "nawmean" short for, do you know what I mean.

The next level of anything including but not limited too.. Sports, professional fields, hobbies, perfectionistism, outdoing someone in anything.

Being on the Nevel is where u wanna be.
Victor: "Daaang Luke, i've been cooking all my life and I've never seen it done like that"

Luke: "yeah I'm on the Nevel"
by StLuke October 29, 2014
1. To drink heavily, usually resulting in an embarassing situation.
Oh man, John was so neveled last night.
by Truf October 15, 2005

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