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A new beginning , a new start , a new paradigm , a new world .
It's a neuer world
by pawon May 13, 2014
An insult for someone acting in a homosexual manner, based on batty german keeper Manuel 'batty boid' Neuer. Whether this be acting like a pussy, wearing bent clothes, talking like a toe-toucher or used for a bit of variety. An alternative to the standard 'gay' 'homo' 'nonce' etc
'Oi neuer get your cock out his arse' 'mayn he's dressed like a neuer' 'If he acts like a neuer anymore I might have to throw some headbutts'
by ladboiyt101 September 25, 2013
A slang term for a gay person, a batty boy, a homosexual
'Oi, that Jason kid in our year is a bit of a Neuer isn't he, always wears pink'
by K_O September 25, 2013
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