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A CheAp internet service provider. 9.95 A month for standard dial up service, 14.95 For high speed dial(does not affect download er ne thing)
Netzero is sooo nice, a nice cheap internet....NO! Net zero has a catch, spy and adware come with the pooled ads also do some programs involving messing up your browser. In Old versions of netzero you could not run a full screen game, Then they realized you won't see what is happening.
by BObo D. HObo July 22, 2004
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An internet service provider that gives you internet for cheap prices but very bad. Dialup of course. I used the high speed version and it was still extremely slow. It stops loading after a few pages of web browsing.

Free Netzero: 10 hours of crappy internet. I used MetConnect for free in the projects and it was running fast like cable.

Paid Netzero: Faster than free, but stops loading after an hour or so. Restarting your computer or reconnecting helps but not always.
Omg! My free internet from Netzero ran out. I used 10 hours in a month and now I have no more left!
by Underwater Ruins July 10, 2008
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