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Nesrin is a Kurdish name with origins dating back to early civilization. It is the name of a small yellow flower that is indiginous to the mountains of Kurdistan.

Many Persians, Arabs and East Indians name their daughters Nesrin because it is a pretty name, however, in Kurdistan, the Kurds name their daugters Nesrin because it is a traditional name, and the flower is bright and beautiful, not unlike many Kurdish women.

Variations of the spelling include Nasrin, Nesreen, Nasreen, Nisreen, and Nisreen.
by A real Nesrin February 04, 2010
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Nesrin (also spelled Nasreen, or Nes-reen, Persian,: نسرین , Nasrīn) is a Turkish feminine given name of Persian origin meaning "wild rose". It is among the most popular names given to baby girls born in Azerbaijan, in 2007. And this a very common Turkish name. In Turkey Nesrin name ranks 203rd among the most common names.
Nesrin Kazankaya, Nesrin Sipahi, Nesrin Turhan, Nesrin Olgun, Nesrin Özgün, Nesrin Altınova
by OnlyTruths115 December 20, 2014

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