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when your ass hole thanks you after dropping a large shit
i recieved a stanky thanky last night, you should've seen the size of the fudge dragon i birthed, my ass was so happy, my toilet got pissed though...
by bassplayer2493 November 06, 2009
the end result of a long night of munching spicy tacos, usually a chocolate waterfall of hot shit water.
i won the world taco eating contest last night! but i was later greeted with the dreaded Mexican Nesquik
by bassplayer2493 November 03, 2009
a lesbian sex party event in which one girl performs a mexican minivan on another while it is being done to her and the person doing it to her is having it done to herself and so on...
my weird ass sister and her friends were having a mexican mitten party last night, it sounded like stirring mac n cheese
by bassplayer2493 November 05, 2009
a hot sauce and pop rock encrusted penis...
that is all
hello Adrian, would you like to be nailed by my scottish firecracker?
-Chris Farley
by bassplayer2493 November 06, 2009
stick a power washer up your ass to make yourself vomit feces, sending projectile poop through a tennis racquet into a crowd
i showed my buddies how to do a chilean chocolate sprinkler last night. it hurts like hell but its funny as fuck
by bassplayer2493 November 06, 2009
its when you really gotta poop, but get unexpectedly buttfucked by a 14 inch wang.
my mongolian mailbox got a special delivery today...
by bassplayer2493 November 06, 2009
while wearing a chain mail sock, you jam your foot in someones anus while they're listening to black metal on their ipod. you then proceed to remove the chain mail sock and slap them across the face with it leaving a poopy checkered pattern
i gave my buddy a Norwegian ankle biter last night, look at the poop marks on his face!
by bassplayer2493 November 05, 2009

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