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Expression of amused irony or sometimes amused frustration. Local slang found primarily in the central regions of California.

Often used in response to a bad pun or poorly told joke.
"That's very punny," Pat said. "Get it? Punny."

Brad rolled his eyes. "Nerk."
by Jerry January 17, 2004
a word meaning anything and everything, but yet nothing at all. It's meaning depends on the context in which it is placed in conversation.
"That was totally nerked up!"

"Nerk this, I'm leaving."

"Quit being such a nerk!"

"Woah don't blow a nerk or anything..."

"I'm nerking, I'm nerking!"

"Keep your nerk to yourself!"
by theonewhodidthis February 03, 2010
Nerk, Nerking, to Nerk, Nerks. pronounced "nurk"- noun, person. verb.

1. noun- A cheap or uninteresting friend. One who is unassuming and generally pretty lame.

2. verb- To not really be doing anything. i.e. sitting around at home, watching television.
1. "Hey, look at that cheap nerk over there."

2. "Hey, Jim, what are you up to today?" "Oh, not much Ricky, just nerking around like a nerk."
nerk is a mix of the word dork and nerd. it comes in use when you or someone you know is being well a real nerk.
"you're being such a nerk"
by ashliegh16 February 20, 2009
contraction of the words 'nervous' and 'jerk'; asshole-ism caused by anxiety.
"i was on my period so i tried to dump my boyfriend on his birthday. i'm such a nerk!"
by r___x June 16, 2008
work for a fish-shop chip.
used mostly in the Rawdon/Yeadon area in West Yorkshire.
i want some fish n nerks
by LRJD February 22, 2007
A foolish or insignificant person.

I found it in a dictionary once so it is not slang.
'When I'm famous i promise to remember all the nerks'

'Don't be such a nerk, get some common sense.'
by Muldie325 November 21, 2005