work for a fish-shop chip.
used mostly in the Rawdon/Yeadon area in West Yorkshire.
i want some fish n nerks
by LRJD February 22, 2007
A foolish or insignificant person.

I found it in a dictionary once so it is not slang.
'When I'm famous i promise to remember all the nerks'

'Don't be such a nerk, get some common sense.'
by Muldie325 November 21, 2005
a combination or a NERD and a DORK
he's such a NERK
by li July 23, 2003
A word combining nerd and dork that Casey B. came up with.
Casey is such a Nerk.
by cmdddd August 05, 2011
A word used to stand in for any other word, which is useful for when you cannot think of the right word.
Sam: This pizza is so good, it's just like... nerk.

Ned: Quit nerkin' around, Sam.
by ne_d January 16, 2009
Nerk is a slang word for penis. Usually used with the verb "jerk." A good word to use when you are surrounded by bros and you are explaining a situation in which you masturbated, or you received a hand job.

Also can be used as a verb. the verb tense is a situation such as jizzing on a girls face.
Joe: Dude, I wanna jerk my nerk so bad right now.

Brian: So she was jerkin my nerk and then i said kaplow!

Dude 1: Dude! i was getting my dick sucked, and then i nerked all over her face!
by zing zong! February 21, 2010
1. Networking clerk.
2. The network administrator's assistant
3. A Network-bitch.
Due to the latest virus, the nerk spent 20 hours on the weekend correcting the virual issue.

"Nerk, are you finished building that server?", said the Network Administrator.

"That will do Nerk, that will do."

"I am not supposed to be here today, they are treating me like a Nerk!"
by Classic Nerk February 22, 2003
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