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The act of making something worse or weaker.

The verb form of "nerf."
So I don't win too much, I'm nerfing my performance to balance the game.
by sarroth July 01, 2011
verb. stimulation of a woman's vagina by insertion of a mini foam football, the sort popularized by the NERF company.
"i was so horny last night, for real! nothing but nerfing would do for this pussy. TOUCHDOWN!!"
by sruallstar November 18, 2011
The act of masturbating with a Fleshlight or pocket pussy while wearing a condom. Safer sex cannot be had.
In an attempt to increase my sensitivity, I practiced the night before by nerfing with a Fleshlight and a Durex
by AlSipsclar December 16, 2013
The act of extreme nerf gun play. Unfortunately, the intensity of "nerfing" usually results in the death of a friend.
Where's Gary?" "He died while we were nerfing."
by nerfenthusiast69 May 08, 2011
Surfing geek oriented websites on the internets.
Boss: you're late!

Me: sorry, i was up nerfing all night. U mad?

Boss: lol wut
by alienzrcoming December 09, 2010
n- slang for nothing
v- doing nothing
I need to get out, I've been nerfing all day.
by SoulFood October 29, 2010
The act of pushing down on the head of one who is performing an act of oral sex.
He seemed a little shy at first, but with some nerfing he took it all!
by Guillermo August 25, 2003
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