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Noun: Name given to a person who is on a level above the common Nerd.
"You are such a Nerdo"
by dave January 10, 2005
The language which (computer) nerds use. Is commonly identified by its excessive use of technical nouns, lack of real-life adjectives and weirdly pitched voices.
The geek was talking in nerdo, so I could only understand half of what he was saying.
by bob ewing June 16, 2006
A very big nerd, usually one who plays D&D online with his online girlfriend (40 year old pedifile)
The Nerdos is a Terdos
by Brendan February 21, 2004
Someone who's intellectually arrogant, socially inept, chronically miserable, and excessively melodramatic. From "nerdy and emo."
"Your brother whined my ear off about how he can't get a girlfriend. Then, he got offended, and treated me like an idiot, because I don't know all of the finer points of Star Trek. What a nerdo!"
by Scirocco September 08, 2007
A person who thinks that somebody else is inferior, yet they are actually dominant.
Sarita thinks that Chip is a nerdo, yet she likes Physics and misses social outings in order to achieve academic exellence.
by Knathan Ramsey September 18, 2007
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