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1. Covered in fur (i.e. a thick coat of fine hairs), like many mammalian species.
2. An anthropomorphized animal character, or an animalistic humanoid character. (Example: an anime catgirl.)
3. Media featuring characters as described in definition 2.
4. A fan of definition 2 and/or 3, especially online. Often misunderstood (and therefore mocked) as a sexual paraphilia and/or clinical zoanthropy, but rarely if ever actually "persecuted."
5. Pertaining to definition 4.
1. "I don't like Chinese Cresteds. A dog is supposed to be furry!"
2. "Does Kimahri Ronso count as a furry?"
3. "Foster's Spellsinger Saga is a furry series."
4. "Joe is a furry who usually plays a wolf on MMOs."
5. "I'm only going to that furry convention if you pay my way."
by Scirocco September 08, 2007
Someone who's intellectually arrogant, socially inept, chronically miserable, and excessively melodramatic. From "nerdy and emo."
"Your brother whined my ear off about how he can't get a girlfriend. Then, he got offended, and treated me like an idiot, because I don't know all of the finer points of Star Trek. What a nerdo!"
by Scirocco September 08, 2007

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