A super annoying girl who snitches on you and likes to cuss thinking shes cool. Most likely to act like an idiot and wear stupid looking glasses.
I can believe that nerdette just dissed you!
#nerd #annoying person #geek #douche #gaylord
by Flameman April 26, 2011
Top Definition
A female nerd. Usually has glasses and braces. Nerds usually have nerdgasms when a nerdette walks into the room. Their glasses will fog up and they'll get really nervous.
1. I'm going to ask that nerdette if she wants to go to the Star Wars convention with me.
2. The popular girls broke that nerdette's glasses.
by Snerd September 18, 2005
A sexy female nerd. A non-sexy female nerd is a "nerdle".
"Damn! That librarian is such a nerdette!"
#dork #dorkus #dorkette #nerd #ketchup & mayo volcano
by Pat & Kelly O'Brian August 02, 2006
A female nerd; often not as obsessed with Star Trek as the average nerd
Nerd: Hey do you want to come to the Star Trek convention with me?
Nerdette: Pshhh, hell no. I'm busy calculating the square root of pie!
#geekarella #nerd #nerdess #princess leia #amy farrah fowler
by The_Original_Nerdette December 10, 2010
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