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Person who typically does not worry too much about appearance or the oppostie sex (or any sex for that matter)
and normally does not even consider breaking rules. They are hard working people who are consider odd by the 'preps'.
There is a different between Geeks and nerds. Geeks may try, but they do not work to their full capability and are obsessed with electronics. nerds care about life and think of the future and become very successful.^^
Geek: I finally beat my newest Final Fantasy game!!!
Nerd: did you do your homework?!
Geek: No, not yet, but I will.
nerd: you better get on it or you will get in trouble.
Geek: yeah, I guess. *continues to play game.
Nerd: well I am gonna go work on my science project.
Geek: but it isn't due til next MONTH!!!
Nerd: but it's soo fun!!! (is an art project in my case.^^)
by The luffable nerd.^^ September 26, 2006
Nerd are people who concerned with mainly things seen as 'uncool' by the general populace. Being extraordinarily tech-savvy, skilled at video games or role-playing games, very well informed in the maths or sciences, are some of the main characteristics. They are 'the smart ones.'
But those of you familiar with the theory of multiple intelligence should know that while nerds may be smart in some regions, their defining feature is being socially 'stupid.' They cannot interact well with anyone, often not with other nerds. This does not make them bad people, nor good. It just means they are not interpersonally intelligent. In some cases, interpersonal intelligence is more useful than technical, so shut up about being proud of nerdiness!
If you are socially inept, it does not mean you are a nerd. Likewise, you can be intelligent and like uncool things but it does not mean you are a nerd. Any definition that says nerds can have social lives and lots of friends and can be popular- they are wrong. Those are not nerds. Those are smart people who are obviously socially intelligent. A nerd requires BOTH aspects of 'uncool' interests AND a lack of interactive skills.
Bill Gates is obviously not a nerd: he is just a techy. But a charismatic and succesful techy.
by Pitiful Anonymous April 09, 2006
One who is socially unstable or awkward. Often intelligent as well, and is usually teased by the insecure or the overly proud. Not to be confused with geek, which is someone who has an obsession.
That nerd has no friends.
That nerd is such a loser!
I feel bad for that socially impaired nerd.
Look at those cruel and mean people picking on that nerd.
by 17shadyspades February 01, 2006
someone who you used to give a weggie back in grade school but is now your boss at work
thats jon my boss, I used to give him weggies back in the day
by dbell March 09, 2005
nerds like to believe that, because they don't have any friends and prefer to spend their weekends sat infront of a computer screen 'socialising' on internet message boards with other like-minded losers, they are in fact 'unique non-conformists'

sadly, they're deluding themselves

see also: geek, outcast, loser
nerd: donnie darko rocks. I can totally relate to the main character, I'm just like him.
me: shut up bumfluff
by Fred September 25, 2004
One who thinks there is a difference between a computer geek and computer nerd
Kris thought he was a cool nerd, because he uses his computer to mainly download porn and be a hax0r!
He didnt think he was one of the geeks, who use their computer for messageboards.
(the point is, they are all the same)
by Ewokie January 06, 2004
interlectually superior people who are comfortable enough in who they are to find more important things to do in life than get wrecked, and gossip endless hours away
by Meady October 06, 2003