"Nerd" is now a meaningless word used by those who don't possess the knowledge of others in an attempt to make the latter group feel stupid. In actuality, those who use the word "nerd" in an offensive manner are normally just
A) Jealous of the knowledge someone else posseses
B) Just plain stupid themselves.
Smart person: *Rolls eyes*
by p00flake February 19, 2006
Plural form of nerd.

Also, a tiny, tangy hard candy manufactured by Willy Wonka. Comes in a variety of flavors.
You have to wonder why the best flavor of Nerds, strawberry, comes packed with the worst flavor, grape.
by Stephanie M. December 29, 2003
A word originally coined by Dr Seuss (king nerd himself), meaning someone who is smart. It is now usually used to desribe someone with more knowledge about computers than the average schmuck. Note, there IS a difference between a geek and a nerd. Geek's wish they were as good as nerd's, but at the end of they day, they are just second rate try-hard Nerds
by CaspaR June 01, 2003
The real cool people. I mean, seriously. Nerds rock. they're smart, watch movies, play video games, can fix your computer, aren't afraid to be themselves, the video game designers/ actors/actresses (really. Every actress always say's they were nerds or geeks. Lol.)or whatevers of tomorrow, and can be really pretty/hot when they get their hair fixed. and um. XP Anyone looking up this definition.
Snotfaced snot-head: -looks at striped socks- It's not halloween yet, stupid.
Nerd: Then take off the ugly mask, dumbass.
OH YEAH! <3 Nerds rock.
-Proud to be one. :d
by Merrissa September 11, 2005
Someone who enjoys learning and obtaining new information in general for it's own sake, often without discrimination to different areas of knowledge. The key to recognizing a nerd is if they are completely indifferent to the application of what they learn; they are not inherently inclined to use or not to use the information.

Someone who is a nerd could also be a geek, who is passionate about highly specific interests, or a dork, who is a social outcast, but they do not have to be.
Person 1: Do you intend to do anything with your advanced degree in Russian Literature?
Person 2: I could, but honestly it's just interesting to study it. I could go my entire life without using the information I gain and still feel fulfilled.
Person 1: Wow, what a nerd.
by Mr. ZAP February 13, 2011
Nerd as an insult means "you are smarter then me and that makes me feel inferior so I must cover up my inadequacy by making fun of you".
Billy Joe Bob teh Lumber Jack: How do you know all that?? NERD!!!

Translation: How do you know all that?? You are smarter then me and that makes me feel inferior so I must cover up my inadequacy by making fun of you!!!
by Kyle117 December 11, 2006
OK, as a nerd with pride I would like to set some things straight-

- Not to be confused with a geek. Geeks act like Nerds but do not possess the high intellectual capabilities of one.

-Nerds are NOT always ugly. In fact, they can be as good looking as anyone.

-Nerds do not always have bad fashion sense.

-Nerds are not always social rejects. In fact, alot of them are very popular and have friends (maybe even a girlfriend)

-Unfortunately, Nerds DO Genreally suck at sports. This does not mean they are fat or unfit, they are just uncoordinated.

-Nerds DO have a life. We do NOT spend all day studying or doing schoolwork. We can have fun too!

-Nerds get picked on alot in High School by Jocks but will be rich and respected as adults.

-Nerds are generally very smart and get good grades.

-Nerds generally enjoy Computers, Gaming, Technology, Sci Fi, Comics and other stuff like that. But they can also enjoy other things, like for example, someone who is a nerd I know is also a big cricket fan.

-Nerds are not repulsive antisocial creatures. That is jock propaganda.

-Nerds are usually good natured and kind. They are forgiving and treat everyone as equal.

As you can see, nerds are not like the ugly, unfit, fatass social rejects you see on TV. They are normal people who have an interest in technology etc.
Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Very wealthy people

That guy whose heads the jocks flush down the toilet.

If you know how to reprogram the computer you are reading this on, you are probably a nerd.
by ninjapenguin2K7 June 19, 2007
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