The person you will one day call "Boss"
bill gates, steve jobs, other very wealthy individuals
by hunter mayo June 02, 2005
Guys with IQ higher than your weight. You made fun of them when you were at school but you would be lucky if you get employed as janitors in their businesses.
I am nerd and proud of it.
by George February 25, 2004
A delicious candy made by Wonka. They are pretty much crystalized sugar in a color coating that people love to give out on halloween.
Dude, pass me a box of nerds man!
by Chuckie226 October 11, 2003
A person who is intensely interested in a particular hobby or topic.
Rich is quite a computer nerd.

Ask Bill; he's the car nerd around here.
by Bryan August 05, 2003
The unabtrusive man who sits in the back of the room with quite, knowing eyes, watching the comings and goings of all the ignorant people that are unaware their petty lives will one day be controlled and governed by this container of all that is awesome. He will strike with all of the rage and knowledge that his life of social abstainency and gaming gluttony has brought him in one swift blow. Fear me for I am The Nerd.
Bow down before The Nerd, for He shall one day rule all of your asses. He is not just a man, but the source of all that is awesome. Should you ever doubt His greatness, just remember that He is better than all of you. Combined.
by T. Nerd July 20, 2005
Being a nerd, I know exactly what I want to say. I have 10 statements:
1. Geeks are wanna-be nerds.
2. Nerds can be very preppy.
3. Nerds have fun, most of the time. 4. Nerds can be very popular.
5. Most nerds have a social life.
6. Most nerds get very good grades.
7. Not all nerds wear glasses. If you wear glasses, you're not always considered a nerd.
8. Most nerds don't spend their entire life on the computer. They actually have a life.
9. Those of you who are making fun of nerds.....go ahead. We don't care.
10. A nerd is probably going to be the one who drastically changes the structure of the world.

So there. 10 things you might have not known about nerds.
Society makes fun of nerds in all ways it can. Don't listen to the stereotypes. If you want to talk, IM me on ccglasses19 or classical19, on AIM.
by C.C. February 19, 2005
noun: The most dangerous people in the entire world. Nerds have invented machine guns, assault rifles, armor piercing ammunition, high explosives, napalm, tanks, anti-personnel mines, torpedoes, cannons, surface-to-air missiles, fighter aircraft, bombers, submarines, destroyers, battleships, aircraft carriers, chemical and biological weapons, nuclear bombs, and ICBMs
Every weapon of mass destruction ever concieved of or built was concieved of or built by nerds.
by John M. Hanna September 07, 2007
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