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A word originally coined by Dr Seuss (king nerd himself), meaning someone who is smart. It is now usually used to desribe someone with more knowledge about computers than the average schmuck. Note, there IS a difference between a geek and a nerd. Geek's wish they were as good as nerd's, but at the end of they day, they are just second rate try-hard Nerds
by CaspaR June 01, 2003
Pronunciation: The 'a' is hard as it 'hat' and the stress is on that 'a' and the second 'i'.
Verb: To confuse, mismanage or otherwise mess something up in an administrative context (especially, but not exclusively, whilst believing, or pretending to believe, that you have not)
Derivation: This word has no derivation - it simply came into the mind of a person in the early hours of the morning while still 3/4 asleep.
"They've arrifiggled it, the morons."
by Caspar September 07, 2005

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