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Not actually as epic as 'epic' but a small victory anyway. Comes from 'not' and 'epic' - nepic
I had a nepic time last night just sitting around watching old movies.
by Miss Cat Shoes May 23, 2011
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New Epic... Contrary to most beliefs of meaning "Non" Epic...
*MMOFPS Results screen comes up*
Me: Wow that noob got 5 kills and 50 deaths!!! HAHAHAHA!!! WHAT A NOOBISH LUZAH!!! NEPIC PHAIL BIATCH!!! xD

Friend: That was you dipshit o.o

Me: Oh... =(

Friend: So How's it feel to be a Nepic Phailure?
by Jonny3093 April 18, 2011
3 4
N-epic: Not epic! Non epic. not epic in the slightest. the opposite of epic.
"That's Nepic man.", "stop being such a nepic bitch!"
by D$moke April 29, 2008
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