1. A worldwide virtual website on which you create pets. Using these pets you can do the following:
chat on boards (where you can get reported for abuse)
submit work for art, poetry, newspaper article and storytelling competitions and recieve a 'trophy'
play a wide variety of many many games to earn neopoints
join a guild which is a group of people with the same interests as you e.g a simpsons guild
fight with other pets online and take part in wars which the website creates interesting plots for
make neofriends by sending neomails
and much more fun stuff

WARNING As the neopets boards are monitered due to it being open to kids, users often find themselves frozen for not using the boards properly. This leads to hostility towards neopets from people that have been frozen before. It is also seen as a waste of time, which it may be, but a FUN waste of time.
I just love the Help Chat on neopets.com - the people are so friendly and have great avatars
by choc0faerie March 14, 2004

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Top Definition
A online game that started out as a good game, like Pokemon but now is horribly bad.

Point 1: Overcommercialization.

We've got Neopets happymeals, Neopets plushies, Neopets keychains, Neopets stickets, etc. What happened to "We don't want to make money, we just break even using the advertising!"

Point 2: Sponsor Games

99% of the NEW games on the site are sponsor games. Most are the same as other games, and are very, very simple, but the characters or the background are changed. These games are the opposite of inventive.

Point 3: Wars

Wars on Neopets are very boring. You sit around and attack the same enemy a billion times and then you (might) be able to get a bigger one to fight!It's like in Pokemon where you have almost beat the game, except the developers have messed up and given you Level 2 Rattata to fight, rather than Level 70 Gravelers.

Point 4: Message Boards

Greedy Adam and Donna. A while ago, there was a message board called General Chat, where all the media driven "get a girlfriend cause you should!" 7 year olds posted OMFFIGLJG 15/M/ALASKA WILL U BE MEH GIRLFRIENDSZ!?!/ Instead of hiring new monitors, they froze accounts of people that didn't do anything, and destroyed the GC, making the aforementioned people go to other boards where WE had to handle them.
Neopets is most likely the worst internet game today. If you want good, try Bootleggers.us
by Froggyliciousness June 26, 2004

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A virtual game that used to be fun, and the staff members cared about you and your account. Not anymore. The staff is too deep into advertising to care about anyone anymore. The only thing they care about now is making money. Neopets doesnt care about the quality of their site anymore. For example, the McDonalds promotion. Does neopets care that the site cannot handle so many new members? No. As long as Neopets gets their page views, their sponsors will pay them. Soon they will have a premium service, where paying consumers will have the benefit. More avatars, more random events, and so on. So if you want to experience the best of neopets, get your credit cards ready, because the only thing those greedy bastards at neopets care about are benjamins and jacksons. (hundreds and twentys for those of you who didnt get it.) Long live the power of money! Long live the crazy addiction!
Me: "Are you seriously paying to play neopets?!"
Addict: "Of course I am, I get so much cool stuff now!"
Me: "Its not even real! Dont waste your money!"
Addict: "Shut up! Oh I just got a paintbrush! Yay!"
by B. W. August 08, 2004

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What used to be a cool pet site, but now sucks. And here are the top 10 reasons why:

1: Shameless Advertising.
They have 3 advertisements on almost every page.
One on the top, one on the bottem, and one on the side. Advertising things like online dating services, weight loss programs, and phone companies. Plus they have countless sponser games. And even make sponser items (bubble yum, sweet tarts, etc.)

2: Neo Staff favoring certin users.
Let's face it, there's only a handful of people TNT (theneopetsteam) actually give a shit about.
Featheralley, Hrobi, Garret_jaxx (sp?), Hubrids_mansion, Jazz_invinceable , and a coupple others. Thease people will not be iced no matter how many rules they brake.

3: Message boards.
The message board used to be cool... like four years ago. Now they suck. Neopets changed the format to look more professional... and screwed everything up. Completely deleteing the GC (general chat), which used to be cool. Before n00bs took over.

4: Glitches and bugs.
Neopets has countless glitches and bug which they will never fix. I myself have lost well over 15 million in items and np's (example: I lost a SOS while taking it off my pet. Plus I've lost large sums of neopoints countless times while trying to put them into the bank.) And neopets never refunds anything you lost during a glitch... unless you're featheralley of course...

5: Cheaters
Neopets is full of gay ass asain cheaters.
They've made it impossibble for anyone who dosn't cheat to get on a high score list for a game.

6: They're Hypocrits
They'll freeze your account if you post pictures of yourself in which you are slightly imosdestly dressed. And yet they have faeries with their boobs hanging out all over the site, wearing skirts that sure show alot-o-theigh.
They'll freeze you if you mention any achollolic bevrages, and yet they have them as items on their site! *points to a certin item called "red wine" and many other wines*
Noooo cussing. Or else they'll freeeezeee youuuu.
*points to the old maraqua vid with the pirate swearing.... aloso points to the faerie who swears* mmhmmm.

7: Scams
The site is full of people trying to scam other players. Pretty much the only reason guilds exist anymore is for people to host scams.

8: No origional games
Every fuckin game on that site is a ripoff of another game.

9: It's understaffed
They have far too few monitors for the amount of people who use the site.

10: Report Happy Users
People will report you for ANYTHING on that site. And I mean anything. And regardless to what neopets says, no, they DON'T actually check inot the situation. I've been faulsely reported and frozen countless times. If you mearly say something like "I don't like Good Charlotte, I prefer Dropkick Murphys." ... someone WILL report you, and if enough twits report for it, you WILL be frozen.

And those are the top ten reason why neopets sucks.
Though if you still like to play regardless of those reasons here's the top 10 tips on how NOT to get iced
1: Don't have anything on your user look-up
2: Don't talk to ANYONE
3: Don't be in a guild
4: Don't have a pet
5: Don't play any games
6: Don't share a computer with anyone or anything
7: Don't buy anything from any shop
8: Don't log on from ANY other computer
9: Don't leave for 3 years then log back into your account
10: Don't get anything from the money tree.

The End
(please forgive the large amount of spelling and grammer errors.)

Non-Dork: You're a dork.
by Ibanez April 11, 2005

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A highly controversial online game.

As already evidenced by previous entries, opinions on Neopets tend to reflect past experiences. There are, of course, some who would immediately reject the game as a spawning-place for lifeless teenaged losers. Those people show up wherever you go, criticizing whatever you do - their opinions certainly don't need to have value in this case.

Speaking as an insider who's had both good and bad experiences with the site since I began playing in 2001, here are some interesting points:

-The Neoboards are terribly, terribly understaffed. As a result, TNT (theneopetsteam) has implemented a user-to-user monitoring system that, in retrospect, was bound to backfire horribly. Neopets needs to put more emphasis on the boards, seeing as how communication is so vital between members - I should know, having chosen a life of neo-isolation. An absolutely *massive* revamp of that system is required for the sake of the site's survival.

-Though some changes have been met with a huge amount of controversy, some have evidently sparked die-hard supporters. The restocking system, for instance, while admittedly giving the upper hand to those with more time and a faster internet connection, has become a very popular game to many of these fans. The wide variety of items and shops ensures constant interest.

-My own account was frozen after three years of playing - I had apparently been 'cheating' using several different accounts to gain Neopoints. Here's a shocker: it was true, and I'll admit it. I just never expected to get caught. My only experience with TNT's Ice-o-matic was justly deserved. But I know full well that such isn't always the case. Once again: you need more staff to handle all these new users you're drawing in with advertising!

Much as the most devoted players become obsessed with the idea of acquiring Neopoints, the Neopets staff, given the image of shiny new publicity for a pet project, has fallen into the river of commercialisation and we're all being pulled downstream...
As with anything, Neopets has both its flaws and perks.
What is horribly frustrating (and totally unforgiveable) is that the Neopets staff refuses to change anything dramatically to better suit the needs of the clients!
by Sincerely Yours June 25, 2005

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Created in 1999, Neopets is a never-ending online game, in which you take care of pets, buy/sell/trade items, earn NP through games/auctions/shops, and chat on the messageboards. It used to be a fun way to kill time, but now the Neopets Team is too obsessed with putting their Neopets brand out there with annoying merchandise and promotions at stores no one in the world knows the locations of. Neopets is dying a slow, painful death because the Neopets Team is too busy sitting in front of their computers all day and night, eating pizza and doughnuts, and randomly freezing people's accounts for no apparent reason. Plus, they don't even put out New Features relevant to the average user anymore.
SweetAznBabie69: Lik omg dis Neopets thing is lik sooooo popular! It has lik over 80 million users!
DeathToNeopets: You realize that out of the 80 million users, about 79,800,000 accounts were rendered inactive due to constant scamming, random freezings, and plain stupidity on part of the users to get themselves frozen?
SweetAznBabie69: But lik Neopets is lik sooooo cool cuz you can get boyfriends on the chat!
DeathToNeopets: Yeah Neopets is great for that if you like fat, unattractive, lifeless, 13-year old nerds who can't step out of their houses for one second.
SweetAznBabie69: I lik how Neopets updates the site with new stuff everyday!
DeathToNeopets: Yeah, I'm so excited about the new plushie they released that costs 9 million NP. Oh yeah, I think that new paint brush color they made looks awesome - what was it called again? Oh yeah, Crap.
SweetAznBabie69: I'm lik sooooo hyped for the new promotion their having at that store! I'm gonna get soooo much stuff from there and enter in all my rare item codes!
DeathToNeopets: They're holding the promotion in South Africa, and all the rare items are pieces of worthless crap that should be thrown at the Nazis that are the members of the Neopets Team.
by ExNeopetsPlayer September 08, 2004

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A chilidish yet addicting website. You create pets, take care of them, make neopoints, the sign for neopets currency. In the old days, people could spell and were nice. Now, it is infested with n00bs.
Neopets was Ok untill the n00bs came. *scarred for life*
by I.K. April 12, 2005

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November 15th 1999, Neopets begins as a harmless little site where you raised you pets and the site was clean of anything bad. The staff cared about the users and so one. Now Neopets isn't such a safe place now on the internet. The entire staff has set up the site and rules almost similar to a communist nation. And the owner's corruption and greed will lead to the site's destruction.

First off, Neopets has many rules. Some keeps the site clean, while others tear it apart. One of the rules is do not discuss religion or political veiws on the site. Now if I'm not mistaken, a thing about communism was sensorship. Not only are you not allowed to talk religion/polotics, but certtain words posted can easily get you warned or iced. When you get warned it's by theneopetsteam (The sites secret police). The warning of course is an automatic thing which is corruted now, so you don't even need to say something wrong. You can get warned for posting "Hilary Duff looks like a Yurble".

Second, the site also freezes you if they talk bad about them or TNT (short for theneopetsteam). They have changed the site, making it almost equal for every user. Though sometimes it's not fair. Like when the staff got rid off glowing and shadow fonts. When they did that (Because others using different browses couldn't see) it upseted a lot of people, but a few days later, they have a new option that lets you disable fonts, making a user see normal black fonts. This isn't fair to those that had a nice font because the staff could have done that and keep the glow/shadow fonts.

Third, going back to TNT andunfair rules. Basicly TNT is the secret police of the site. You break a rule you get iced/warned, but there are loop holes in the site rules that people abuse (Like me) and then those who follow the rules and stuff were known to be iced. The term "iced" is what happens when your account is disabled. If you are iced, you can never be defrosted unless you are friends with the staff members. In fact, about 25% of iced accounts are people who done nothing wrong, but the automatic monitors (TNT) also uses loop holes and freeze you. This has been done so much that some people make new accounts and add on to the counter (The ammount of users on the site, frozen and active). More accounts filling the counter, the more the staff gets paid by sponsers. And the make the matter of using your time to on the site to pretty much give money to some lazy bastard, TNT has created a number of "hidden rules" these rules aren't shown in the Neorules, but are used as an excuse for giving out warnings or freezing people. A.so with the hidden rules and loops in the systems TNT will most likely give you a false warning (One time I got warned for "spamming" ,something I've never done) for giving advice or something like rating a picture (By the way, there is no rule against that).

And something everyone should know, reasons Neopets is similar to a communist nation. Most things on the site were made to make things equal. This includes:

Item codes: You buy an item and you not only haggle, but you must type in a code too
Avatars: Some avatars are easy for all to get, while others aren't
Pets: Everyone gets the equal maximum pets you can keep (Max: 4), but the owner has five
Items: Due to avatars, items are raised at a high price now, making only those who have played the site from the begining get them

So there you have it, the secret of Neopets (it may be confusing though)
The staff for Neopets are commies!
by Baha October 08, 2004

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