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Neopets is a majorly corrupted bitter-sweet game on the internet. It is run by about a handful of people, who used to be caring, but they have been corrupted by the Mcdonalds franchise. "Plushies", "Item Codes", and all sorts of junk have been placed on brands. Rumours have been going around, so I'm going to collect them here

1.Neopets is Communist. This seems entirely accurate, for the game will "Ice" you for almost anything, and to prove this, here is an extract I got from the site.
"Posting sexual or offensive material (language, images and usernames)." Cencorship is part of this balanced communist diet. You could be iced for posting, on the NeoBoards, a range of things. Opinions, Ratings, Get-Togethers, and the list goes on.

2. Neopets is HACKED. This sprouted from the fact that studies have been made, to prove that Twenty-Five Percent of users have been Iced, Warned, or had their Account deleted. That is a startling rate for averagely six or seven people to handle in, say, two years. 25% of Eighty Million, too. To be able to do that, you would have to be, like, an Insomniac whos only life is made up of Control and the letter "D".

3. Bought out. This seems the most likely, because something very startling is that at approximately 5 monts consecutavly of eachother, 3 brand names became infected with the Neo-disease. I'm going to start calling it Neoitis. So, in 5 monts, 3 was the average Neoitis count. Donna and Adam were probably rolling in riches by now. Two months went by, and another company was hit. Toys-R-Us. They started supplying the company with Trading Cards. But then "they" came. It was terrifying. They flocked in over the boards, and stole everything from the main plaza. But then it hit "The team". They realized that if they Ice more people, they will want more accounts, so they'd make more, and that would make their pay rise. But they, they got thrown out. Replaced with machines, I broke free from this disease, this Neoitis, and moved on to bigger and better things. A thing called "Life".

Thank you, and I sincerely hope you break free of this disease.
Current freedom from Neopets count = 9
by Jahke April 24, 2006

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