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The new "Hipster" generation born between 1987 and 1991 that is more self absorbed than the hipster generation of 1982-1986. More narcissist than the common present "Hipster" generation. The cause of this being the omnipresence of online profiles (Facebook, MySpace) and present "Hipsters".
Neo-Hipster Guy 1: "Hey man, let's listen to some 90's rock electronica music and talk about how all the music today sucks."

Neo-Hipster Guy 2: "Okay, but there are some bands today that are legit, like, Kings of Leon, The Shins and Portugal. the Man. Every new band besides those bands suck. Right?"

Neo-Hipster Guy 1: "Fuck yeah you're right! I'm asexual!"

Neo-Hipster Guy 2: "What was that?"

Neo-Hipster Guy 1: "Nothing. Let's listen to some Air!"

Neo-Hipster Guy 2: "Okay, that sounds pretty chill."

by Anonisamust April 03, 2009
(n). The mainstream or wannae-be hipster. Wears the hipster clothes and knows some of the bands, but falls short of the 'real' hipster
I got this shirt at Urban Outfitters.
Man, that girl is so neo-hipster.

I wouldn't be caught dead at the 930 club, it's full of neo-hipsters.
by sean@ndcallie September 16, 2005
An individual who believes that being a hipster is "too mainstream" and therefore resorts to the act of telling others that they have not participated in some mainstream activity but express their desire too in an attempt to both emphasize the fact that they haven't yet participated and separate themselves from normal hipsters.

Basically taking the hipster philosophy of "I'm so counterculture that I listened to them first" and extending it to "I'm so counterculture that I never listened to them at all"
"Yeah man, I've heard good things about Deertick, and I've been MEANING to check out their stuff" <Neo-hipster

"Oh yeah, I've heard that that new club is really cool, I've been MEANING to go there"<Neo-hipster
by Whatzahipzter? January 20, 2012
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