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The new "Hipster" generation born between 1987 and 1991 that is more self absorbed than the hipster generation of 1982-1986. More narcissist than the common present "Hipster" generation. The cause of this being the omnipresence of online profiles (Facebook, MySpace) and present "Hipsters".
Neo-Hipster Guy 1: "Hey man, let's listen to some 90's rock electronica music and talk about how all the music today sucks."

Neo-Hipster Guy 2: "Okay, but there are some bands today that are legit, like, Kings of Leon, The Shins and Portugal. the Man. Every new band besides those bands suck. Right?"

Neo-Hipster Guy 1: "Fuck yeah you're right! I'm asexual!"

Neo-Hipster Guy 2: "What was that?"

Neo-Hipster Guy 1: "Nothing. Let's listen to some Air!"

Neo-Hipster Guy 2: "Okay, that sounds pretty chill."

by Anonisamust April 03, 2009
The belief that the world revolves around you and your elite group of friends.

The followers are known as "Hipsters".
Hipsterism Believer 1: "Who's that kid?"

Hipsterism Believer 2: "No one worth talking about."

Hipsterism Believer 1: "Did you hear that new MGMT song?"

by Anonisamust April 05, 2009
The belief of disowning your past interests/friends in fear of scrutiny and the possibility of humiliation.

The followers are called, "Deserters", "Hypocrites" or in some cases "Desertocrites"
Regular Guy: "American Pie, the original, was a great film. It was hilarious!"

Deserterism Believer: "American Pie is NOT a film! It's a piece shit movie."

Regular Guy: "But didn't you own it on VHS and DVD, and have a poster of it on your wall back in the day?"

Deserterism Believer: "Well yeah, but that was, like, 10 years ago. So, yeah."

Regular Guy: "Oh, okay... I guess."

by Anonisamust April 06, 2009

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