a person of the 21st century who still takes on the practice of the hippies ragin in the 60's
Hey look at her! Shes got it goin on. She must be a neo hippie
by nicole chard June 04, 2005

Neo-Hippie describes a merging of the ideals of hippie, rave, punk, slacker, and internet culture. Beliefs based on community and peaceful cooperation, outside of the mainstream. Strongly opinionated but open and accepting of others and differing opinions. Many prefer a life style involving the therapeutic use of psychedelics and empathogens. Often they embrace the diy life style, vegetarianism, veganism, anarchism, communism. They will drop everything to help a friend in need, and often feel a sense of family within their community.

Their way of dress varies greatly, but you can usually spot them by their lack of care, and very loose comfortable clothing.

The neo-hippie can be found at clubs, raves, shows, protest, used book and thrift stores, and non corporate coffee shops.
Nick- What happened to us, remember punk rock for life?

Dave- Well we still go to shows, and love punk rock, but their is so much more out there.

Nick- Totally, I love going to the club, and swinging poi, and even thou labels are pointless, what have we become.

Dave- I guess you'd call us neo-hippies.

Nick- I agree, because showers are important.

Dave- Most definitely.
by Nick Pryde December 26, 2006
A neo-hippie is at peace. At peace with world, good and bad. He (or she) knows that the enjoyment of Life, whatever his circumstances are, is the most important aspect of living. He enjoys all activities, all genres of music, all kinds of people, and sees the unique beauty in everything. He watches the world with an objective eye, seeing all sides of a story. He does not stare at the negativity he sees; he looks at it and finds within it positivity. He knows that civil liberties are innate, and to deny anyone those is outright wrong. He does not fight for what is right, he pushes the right past the wrong, for hatred helps nobody.. He controls himself with a free restraint, hurting for he knows it will pass with time, loving for he knows that it is the best feeling a person can experience. He experiences everything there is to experience, because from those his ever-changing soul grows.
Girl: "Wow, that girl's a bitch."
Neo-hippie: "So what?"

Boy: "I hate gay people!"
Neo-hippie: "They're just like you, except they like the same sex."

Girl: "Eww, I look fat in this shirt!!"
Neo-hippie: "No, you look beautiful and curvyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy."

Boy: "I like punching people in the face."
Neo-hippie: "I enjoy the breeze on my face, in my hair when I'm driving in my car with the windows down."
by Jamison C. Fisher May 21, 2009
A free-spirited persuer of happiness, peace, love, unity, and freedom. Without trying to be a 'modern hippie,' or tries sport peace signs as much as posible or look like an actual hippie from the 60's and or 70's. Nor is it really about style, (although powerpop scene kids do seem to follow under the this new label's stereotypical 'style') it's more about their attitude towards life.
She's so happy and doesn't care what people think, I love that neo-hippie.
by Mcala July 10, 2008
First off it's a noun.
Neo-Hippies call themselves hippies or modern hippies. First off they are kind hearted like the 60's hippies. They are called neo-hippies because their views are different in a few ways from the first hippies. As usual stereo typed like all people are. they are one against stereotypes and are their own people like the 60's hippies were. they have some common goals like peace and freedom. they are called neo for adding new beliefs like budaism and vegitarism. i'm not saying all believe in that stuff just some. as usual dressing their own way away from the norm. they are okay with gays, bi's, lezbains, and non-sexauls but that doesn't make them one. neo-hippie and hippie are so deep and vary between people you can't really define it. p.s. NOT ALL do drugs and not take showers.
"hey man what's up"
"just chillen."
"coo cool, i got the nic hippie now"
"dude get over it you're a neo-hippie for liking guns and training to use a sword."
"but i'm peace loving and kind hearted plus i'm in the top"
inheritors of the 60s hippie counterculture but also have received influences of recent new movements and subcultures such as punk (check out anarco-punk/peace punk), rave/psytrance, environmentalism, new age, rastafarianism, anticonsumerism/anticorporate movements, among others.

those most politically engaged as well as the sixties hippies tend to be on the libertarian left with a more pronounced green politics emphasis. neohippies of the nineties and 2000s have alingned themselves in causes and campaings related to the anti-globalization movements and in some places in antiglobalization events there will be small blocks of hippie or hippie looking protestors who tend to reactualize situationist and yippie and diggers political happenings.

now some tend to be mostly just about a way of dress and a certain sensibility while others who are more radical will practice more radical lifestyles engaging in doit youself practices and small community cooperative systems usually earning a living outside regular office/factory jobs with a tendency towards craftsmanship or the arts.

A passion for discovering new things and new people motivates many to backpacking (and sometimes by hitchhiking) and in some particular cases highly nomadic lifestyles. a continous daily living in this way gives neohippies many resorts and a lot of skills of surviving and having fun without too much or any compromise with consumer capitalism and bureaucracy.

usually with a relaxed attitute and a smile. open to encounters with most kinds of people, this doesnt necesarrily means not resorting to selfdefense or rejection of certain kinds of people (wealthy kids, yuppies, fascist skinheads, stupid agressive punks, police, army, among others) and in many times with friendships and lovers in some segments in similar subcultures and groups (nice punks, leftist and green activists, vagabonds, bohemians, artists, rastas, social centres and squatters activists, among others).
many tend towards a relationship with new age culture and practices or things like buddism or neochamanism, others emphasize more bohemian lifestyles (party, many friendships and lovers, artistic interests) and others radical political and lifestyle practice or all or some of these things.
nice punk girl: (looking with desire) you are nice
nice punk girl kisses with neohippie
neo-hippie: lets go to my place

and they go together kissing

stupid drunk punk: damn hippie i want to kick your ass
intelectual neo-hippie to a friend: hes just frustated because hes bored and im having fun. as nietzche says its pure ressentiment. anyway his friends are not so bad but i hope this idiot doesnt turn later into a fascist skinhead. he already acts like one.

nice punk: hey
neo-hippie: hi, do you have some pot?
nice punk: oh yeah lets go smoke a little, watch out for cops

rasta: jah keeps me happy and i love him and haile selassie jah rastafari
humanistic sceptic neohippie: oh thats nice, but although i love reggae music and i want revolutionary change i dont like emperors and monotheistic religions

bohemian: hey hippie how is it going
situationist neohippie: oh im just undergoing my daily psychogreographical stroll around the city, and you ¿any nice event or something?
bohemian: im going to this poetry reading, afterwards these poet friends are going to have a party, wanna come?
neo-hippie: oh yeah lets go!

bohemian upper middle class girl: i wanna travel somewhere
nehippie: mmm what the hell lets go. let me try to get some cash in someway. are you good or confortable with hitchhiking?
bohemian girl: well, go do that,. i have enough money for the two of us
neohippie: oh thats good news.

bohemian upper middle class girl: i love you
neohippie: mmm, thats nice. i also like you but beware i dont have girlfriends/boyfriends. i love too many people and things and have many friends so i really cant focus my love on one single person. but the other day in a bookstore i was checking out these nice trantric sex positions if you know what i mean...
bohemian upper middle class girl: oh yeah
neohippie: sorry to leave you. im going to my drumming lessons. hopefully i can make or make my own djembe soon

(during an antiglobalization protest)
anarcho-situationist neohippie: hey dude, can i use your spray!
anarchist protestor: yeah go ahead, i hope its not pacifist crap though!
anarcho-situationist neohippie: oh not exactly
(anarcho-situationist neohippie writes on the wall "capitalism is boring! surrealist revolution now!")
by situacionista June 14, 2009
A sarcastic reference to those born in the Thatcher-Reagan era, who now consider themselves flaming liberals even though they are actually clueless about left-wing ideology.
I just saw a bunch of pot-smoking, tree-hugging, neohippies protesting in the city square against the oil companies.
by Sandy Fern April 23, 2009
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