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the perfect "take home to mom" girl. badass taste in music, funny, and the kindest most mellow soul you will ever meet and pretty to boot.

roman sculpture pretty.
damn, i shoulda held on to Nelda
by misotexmex May 05, 2011
The most intriguing, mindful woman you could ever work with or laugh with. An inspiring beauty that is a shining star, even on the darkest night. Nelda moves you to singing and Nelda dances with you.
I wouldn't know the word 'muse' if i hadn't met Nelda.
by waywardobserver January 28, 2012
The oldest woman ever. Nelda is older than eve and even older than Adam. She belongs in a museum.
That old hag Nelda Yorba belongs in a museum.
by TATA December 05, 2003
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