When your inter-web cuts your obviously hard work and dedicated web browsing short, use your neighbors conveniently unsecured network.
Dude your internet is down again!
-Its ok, just use my neighbornet.
by LucienC August 15, 2009
Top Definition
What you get when you connect to your neighbor's wireless (or wired, for that matter) internet, with or without his or her knowledge.
Didja hear? Johnny connected his wireless ethernet card to his neighbor's wireless network, and now he's got neighbornet!
by nubluva December 26, 2006
The internet you get when mooching off of a neighbor's wireless connection, as opposed to just the regular internet you get directly. Unlike the regular internet, the neighbornet is slower, and dies randomly, but it's free.
"Shit, brah, my router's busted. I'm stuck checkin' Facebook on the neighbornet coming from the guy across the hall."
by Zrazor July 21, 2008
The areas neighbors wireless network.(often used on vacation) Usually unencrypted and slow but great when yours goes down, or you need to do something questionable.
Hey man, can you sign on here?
There is a neighbornet but it keeps dropping me.
by Bween February 18, 2007

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