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The process of using "African American" gesture, and/or business sense to turn a profit. In most cases using the art of hustling, or gambling to get currency.
Negro 1: I got a hot-hand in the dice game tonight, and I'm sho' gon get me minez.
Negro 2: Yeah! We ballin' son
Random guy 1: What is going on here?
Negro 1: We playin' a dice game, stick around you can learn some negronomics from this.
by Jackofallaids March 21, 2008
Negronomics- is a branch of economics dealing with the performance, structure, behavior and decision-making of the entire Negro population. In most cases using the art of hustling, gambling, or the sale of illicit drugs to get currency.
1. Aight nigga im about to school you in some negronomics.
2. Ma'fuka i got my "PH G" in Negronomics
by cowhead330 January 24, 2011
a financial plan doomed to failure
yo homie im gunna invest in enron stock negronomics

im gunna build a store next to wallmart negronomics
by esibon February 10, 2008

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