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1.a complete nerd (that is doing bad in classes) and its head is unporation with the rest of its body
2. is stuburn 24/7 exspecialy in the morning
3.a nickname for someone with needle in there name
example 1:
girl(on the bus in the morining)-hey
girl-wats up
girl-your being such a neeedlehead
example 2:
girl 1- look at this kid
girl 2- that kid is such a needlehead
example 3:
girl 1-HEY john
girl 2-no his name is needlehead
girl 1-why?
girl 2-beacause his name is john needlesned
girl 1-oh makes scence
by SCAKHC July 13, 2008
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Person engaged in the act of needling someone (ref. needle) on a regular basis.
"That clown was giving me crap all night, what a needlehead"
by Woo Ha March 03, 2005
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Somebody who injects drugs into the veins and then steels people cigarettes and mobile phones
Matt Young is such a needlehead
by HOLLYWOOD HOOKER August 02, 2010
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