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A corpse resurrected and mutated by a strand of recombinant DNA. It's only purpose seems to be to kill, therefore spreading it's DNA, creating more Necromorphs. It is also possible for a large mass of corpses to be joined into one form over decades, forming a hive mind, which can command all necromorphs.
There has only been one documented case of this hive mind existing, it itself being destroyed by a C.E.C. employee by the name of Isaac Clarke, on the planet of Aegis 7.
Bob was killed and later turned into a Necromorph.
by BillyH666 October 25, 2008
A total ripoff of The Flood from halo... erm, a hostile alien species from the game Dead Space that are able to possess corpses and reanimate them in grotesquely monstrous forms.
Dude, they're necromorphs.

Watch out for the *bleep*ing necromor--Oh God.
by DJMinkus October 19, 2008
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