A writer, journalist, and known black magickian with associations to the LaVey family of San Francisco. Necromagickal is an admitted "esoteric" necrophile and writer of works dealing with necrophilia, necromantic magick, and the Lovecraftian occult paradigm.

He is also a writer for the famous Girls and Corpses Magazine, the website www.thechainsawmafia, and runs two controversial politically incorrect columns Esoterror Sinema and Horrors of Humanity on www.horrornews.net.

Necromagickal has also co-written two horror films called Siren Lake starring Scream Queen Debbie Rochon and Jessicka Rabid 2 starring Elske McCain. He has also contributed to the documentary Welcome to My Darkside: Women in Horror

Rumor has it that Necromagickal has intimate knowledge of certain grave robbing attempts at the grave site of H.P. Lovecraft.


by Ellamorte April 25, 2009
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