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The fetish of loving to have sex with dead animals. Necrophile+beastiality.
Guy 1: Dude, that guys humping a dead deer
Guy 2: Necrobeastiality alert!
by superTac0 January 29, 2010
16 1
Fucking a dead animal.
Man, I don't care if you're into necrobeastiality, just stop killing my dogs.
by Elley Chaos April 25, 2003
57 8
When you have sex with dead animals.
Wow, he practices necrobeastiality by fucking a dead pig.
by P3RX April 03, 2009
12 0
The act of both committing necrophileism and beastiality at the same time. In shorter terms, Having sex with dead animals.
I think joey has come down with a bad case of Necrobeastiality guys, last night he dug up my dead dog and starting pounding the shit outta him.
by GMONEY5150 September 07, 2011
5 0
the affinity or sexual attraction to animal corpses.
Is that road kill? Let's necrobeast that shit!

Necrobeasting the dead jaguar last night was awesome!

I heard my 18th century continental rationalism philosophy professor
is really into necrobeastiality.

by Necrobeaster45 July 13, 2008
6 4