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Fucking a chick in the ass after she has consumed a large amount of corn. Then pulling out your corn covered dick, and having her eat the corn off your dick as if it was "corn on the cob".
I gave my girlfriend last night the best Nebraskan Corn Cob of all time.
by cubfan14 November 29, 2009
This requires early preparation. You have to take a shit(a good long and solid one). Once that is done, you must take it out and put it in your freezer so that it freezes to a stiff popsicle looking object. When ready, take it out and use it to pleasure your girl with it, in any way you want.homemade dildo
For some reason, I couldn't get a boner when my girlfriend wanted to have sex, luckily I remembered that I had a Nebraskan Corncob in the freezer.
by IvanCC October 19, 2008
When you eat so much corn, your shit looks like a ripe cob of corn. Also explains why the Nebraska Cornhuskers are so bad
I just shat a Nebraskan Corncob.
by Yung Chobani March 09, 2016
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