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3 definitions by cubfan14

Doing a jewish chick in your attic very quietly so nobody can hear you, or find out that you fucked a jew.
I hope nobody heard me Anne Franking.
by cubfan14 November 16, 2009
Fucking a chick in the ass after she has consumed a large amount of corn. Then pulling out your corn covered dick, and having her eat the corn off your dick as if it was "corn on the cob".
I gave my girlfriend last night the best Nebraskan Corn Cob of all time.
by cubfan14 November 29, 2009
Fucking a chick in the ass, then pulling out your shit covered dick, and wiping it above her upper lip. Giving her the look of a "hitler stash" or in this case a "Shitler Stash".
My girlfriend's shitler stash is thicker than your regular stash.
by cubfan14 November 20, 2009