1. Person from Naples, Italy
2. Thief
3. Thief from Naples, Italy
That neapolitan piece of shit rode up on his rusty old Vespa, sold me a kick-ass puta-madre new mobile phone, rode off and the piece of shit had substituted it for a lump of plastic.

I hate that Camora Napoli shit.
by Too-Long-In-Italy August 29, 2009
When you've had a big weekend of anal sex and and as a result your turd resembles neapolitan ice cream - the brown of the faeces, the red of the blood and the white of the semen.
Mad Dog really worked me over last night in cellblock H. I just dropped a big neapolitan in the latrine.
by Dawso35 May 11, 2008
Man fucks woman, sprays load on face and punches nose strawberry cheesecake, followed by a dirty sanchez or some other scatalogical act (e.g. cleveland steamer). The resulting mess is a Neapolitan (strawberry, vanilla and chocolate).
Chris gave Emma a Neapolitan last night. She was a total mess - I've never seen such ice-creamy goodness.
by thescientist09 June 10, 2009
threesome with two guys and a girl

guy in the middle fucks the girl while being fucked by the other guy;

so you have three flavors: a straight person, a bisexual person, and a gay person

corresponding to the 3 flavors: vanilla, strawberry, chocolate
Guy: Yeah, me, Bob, and Anne got wasted last weekend and had a Neapolitan.

Other guy: Who was strawberry?
by Faye Grant April 25, 2008
Adding feces into the strawberry shortcake. Specifically, a man ejaculates on his partner's face, punches his partner's nose causing bleeding, and defecates on his partner's face. The resulting mixture of semen, blood, and feces is what is required to characterize this sequence of actions as the 'Neapolitan' maneuver. Conceivably, a woman with the ability to 'squirt' could perform a similar maneuver on a partner.
"Man, last night I skeezed on my girlfriend's face, then punched her in the nose, then shat on her face."
"Oh, sweet, you gave her the Neapolitan!"
by Satanigers April 24, 2007
As the girl is giving head to the male, he "prepares" by chewing a box of smarties, or M&M's. Then, he pulls out and gizzes on her face. He then spits the chewed smarties on her face. And finishes off by donkey punching the girls nose in order for it to bleed. This mixture of chocolate, cum, and blood mix together to ressemble a neapolitan ice-cream!
The other day, Kayla received a neapolitan from her boyfriend... it wasnt pretty.
by Karren, a.k.a. AngryNinja November 18, 2006
when a bitch sucks your dick after u fucked her bloody arse.
"i wonder why i taste cum, blood and shit." - Oprah
by Hairy Nuts December 30, 2003

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