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Nazi Army is a bad wording for the German Army in WWII. It refers to the main political ideology of the Nazis.
Before the war, during it, after it and even today many people don't get the difference between Party and Army.
Trivializing is quite popular at this topic. The term Nazi army consists like Nazi Soldier of two words, it's a compound of Nazi and Army. The German Army (Wehrmacht) was criminalized by the Western and particularly the Eastern Allied countries. It was declared as evil as the Fascist Leadership. Basically this makes any army as bad and evil as its leader.
This means that f.ex. the whole US Army was bad and evil as their supreme commander Lyndon B. Johnson in the Vietnamese War. Which is obviously a lie just like the trivializing of the Nazis together with the German Soldiers is wrong.
"1939, the evil Nazi Armies start(ed) their assault on peaceful Europe!"

"The Nazi Army was the most evil army in the world"
by The_Emperor July 14, 2009
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