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A beautiful, stunning, sexy, exotic, golden skinned guy with amazing eyes and pretty hair, who is Gods Gift and from the Angels, who is funny and very ditzy at times and is superior to all even God. He is loved by all his mates and is there for everyone who has problems and is a great listener.He is so caring and loving sweet and giving, such a strong fighter that nothing can beat him. He is the kinda guy you want as a mate or a lover, that kind of person you can't live without having in your life. A legend in terms of fashion and style, creative talented and gifted. His sex is literally on fire a beyond amazing lover. He is just an amazing happy person who is easy to love. He has a very nice personality but can be very shallow and superficial and materialistic! He is very easy on the eyes and is very cute. He is a sucker for love and a hopeless romatic. He is a perfect man in everway unless you cross his path when he is upset then you have hell to pay lol. Generally a nice guy with lots of friends who adore and love him. A one of a kind Rare Diamond, projecting light into his family and friends lives like the golden ray of sunshine he is.
beautiful lightskinned boys named "Naythan"
by Candykisses1 September 12, 2011
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