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1. Native American,California, name meaning "I love you."
2. Aztec name, popular in Mexico.
Nayely: "My name is Nayely."
Kayla: "What does that mean?"
Nayely: "It means 'I love you.'"
Kayla: "Oh, ok.

Other Spellings: Nayeli, Nalleli, Nallely
by Tyffanie August 31, 2008
A strong good looking girl who has a really good taste in friends and has a big sense of humor. She is very crazy and does not care about what people think. She has long gorgeous hair and big eyes that will catch your attention. She listens to your confessions and is a good friend. But be careful her words and actions can hurt if you get on her bad side. If you have a Nayely in your life you are extremely lucky.
Kian: Woah that Nayely chick is beautiful!
Andrew: Yeah dude she's rad!!
by Tumblrcattt November 28, 2014
Zapoteco (Native language to Mexico), name meaning "I love you"
My name is Nayely, it means 'I love you'
by Bella28 February 25, 2009

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