Tottaly Amazing Girl who loves Robots specifically Transformers. Everyone loves a Nallely, but be careful Nallely takes the law very seriously and is not afraid to enforce it. Funny, athletic, and super pretty, anyone is sure to fall in love.
OMG that girl is such a Nallely!
by udntknwme November 03, 2010
Nallely is a type of person who likes to be heard but its challenging for her to hear. She is caring about others, can literally replace your mom. Nallely will never give up on you even though you might cause her harm. A Nallely is usually smart but worries she will lack intelligence all the time. The name Nallely means I love you... though she has trouble finding love. Since she is always focused on school or others. You would be lucky to have a Nallely as a SISTER, GIRLFRIEND, or even a WIFE. Treat a Nallely right.
Will you give us a ride?

Thanks Your Such a Nallely!
by Talk the Truth September 22, 2013

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