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a mythological creature with the penis of a goat and the body of a lamma, has similar hit points as metapod
Sanchez: "sheet mann, did you see that thing in the sky, wtf was that?"
Bob: "it was a Nayan."
by Criton May 14, 2006
A certain way of saying the number 9 or a name of a friendly or funny person. Favorite food is generally toast.
Q: How old are you?
A: I'm Nayan years old!
by <2toast<2 December 31, 2010
1.)the ghetto way of saying the number 9

2.)a name
nayan's only nayan years old, young.
by forbster62 August 17, 2006
a cool way of writing the number 9.
my bro's only nayan years old!1
by ninjabot999 August 17, 2006
how new-yorkers say the #9, also the 'hip' way.
i'll tayake nombure nayan, sir!
by blaggardragon2ig August 17, 2006