Kind of like saying "yeah right!" or "not even." or "that's incorrect."
"You have a crush on her!"
by shaneypoo January 22, 2009
a small gremlin like creature, found along the north wales coast, usually stoned out of its tiny little head and with a can of strongbow clutched between its claws.
"eeewwww look, a nay!"
by jackted September 19, 2007
Description of a hood rat, gay, black guy- nigger

"Oh shit he don't know nothin"
"He's nay"

"dude just left"
"ah, good cuz he's nay"

in a fight:
"dude you're dumb"
"at least I ain't nay"

so i was doing this dude form behind last night
and he asked for a reach around and I said shoot I ain't nay
by D mofo Max November 17, 2010
A black person
Look at all those nays in there
by mr holland's son July 11, 2010
A baby that has been anally discharged prematurely.
Sally nayed and couldn't shit for a week.
by Bobby March 26, 2005
An american family, this word is the last name of the rare Nay tribe. A nay may have two anus's, and is born arrogant. They have no friends.
"F*ck Nay is here,''g out the back"
by Mark May 04, 2004
1. A communits, Marxist, Soviet pig. 2. A person who thinks they're hot shit, and brag about it, but really aren't.
Warhammer, what more must I say
by Da Vinci May 03, 2004

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