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The extreme of untamed pubes.
I didnt want to have Christmas sex because I had gone native.
by Huber Puber July 23, 2010
Slang for cigarettes made by Aboriginals on Canadian Indian reservations.

Native cigarettes have become very popular because natives are allowed to sell them tax free as long as they are on land designated as an Indian reserve. Technically it is illegal for non natives to buy these smokes but many people do so anyway. I am happy that this industry gives the natives a much needed source of income but unfortunately their cigarette brands have a perception of being really low budget and crappy.

The people that smoke them have no pride and they don't give a shit about their image. If I was going to smoke, i'd atleast want to look cool and smoke Marlborough or Camels instead of those welfare putters or sagos. It's just like people who drink bum beer brands like lakeport. They are men without pride or dignity.
Reggie: Yo man do you got any smokes?
Ray: mmm all I’ve got are these lousy natives.
Reggie: Hey I don't care if they're rollies or putters, pass that shit bro.

I tried to sell a bag of Natives at the bus station but it was hard because most people are too high class to smoke them and the one’s that do like them are too broke ass to pay me.
by reservation cat August 22, 2009
people who had to deal with a lot of american battles. and their own. i think that i should have pride in being native. i am not native american, but i am native.
no matter what kind of native, or tribe you come from, we all rule!
by bigmacncheese May 17, 2007
here are some examples of the definition of native: sami, native american, aborduchi, and maary. these people are better than brits.
i am part sami. my dad is 75% sami. i wish i were more but sami is what i mostly am. i love being native. natives are fucking better than brits!
Native - n. Refers to one of minority decent that was born the US. The opposite of a FOB.
Natives always hate FOBS.
by Kale March 29, 2006
crazy, insane, paranoid
From the show Heroes Season 2 Episode 9

"We need Claire's blood."

"Have you gone native?!"
by chwank November 30, 2007
One who thinks that "their" land is raped and "their" women are stolen, and not the other way around. One can see how a native could easily mix these up, I slur a lot when I am drunk too.
Successful white man #1: "Ahoy there, my white brethren, look at these native attempting to placate their innate drunkenness by writing pointless definitions on UD."
Successful white man #2: "Yes, very empowering, but notice how they use "their" when referring to land and women. For a culture that supposedly took no stock in ownership titles of items, they sure are a greedy, bitter bunch."
Successful white man #1: "Very interesting observation Miles. Perchance would you like to accompany me to a local social for an evening fine foods and wine?"
Successful white man #2: "I would love too, Warren. I will most certainly enjoy alcohol that is not from a Listerine bottle."
by Steven the Lexographer January 10, 2008