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Citizen/Soldiers who are under the command of both the president (federal) and the governor (state and local). These soldiers normally work and train together one weekend a month plus 2 weeks a year to be ready.

National Guard Soldiers respond to local and state emergencies, and often give help and supplies to other states when they need it. They can also be deployed.

These soldiers are heroes, like anyone else who wears a uniform.

Always Ready. Always There.
The National Guard is the oldest branch of the American Armed Forces.

The ARNG (Army National Guard) soldiers slogan... Always Ready, Always There.
by future soldier February 10, 2011
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another name for the "Steel Reserve" brand of beer .
"Whoa, this national guard has 6% alcohol! Bud light is only 3.25%!"
"yea, Its really cheap and strong, its what I use so that I can actually make the dirty with lauren."
by Atlas' Rage May 23, 2005
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