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National Library of Wales - the national storage for Welsh books (super digitisation now!), closed in the evenings, closed on Saturdays, closed also on Sundays and during snowfall!

Welsh-speakers are preferred here even though the head of this place comes from England, also: boring exhibitions and bad coffee!

Very good history here - and experts in their fields.

You cannot take your books home. Once staff "have their foot in there", they can rest, play online games, dream, be depressed - and be off-sick as much as they like. A big social club it seems to the interested outsider. Just another institution.
Hiya - there's another exhibition about Dylan Thomas in the National Library of Wales.
by blogvile March 25, 2009
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Old place, "full" of old people - situated on Penglais Hill in Aberystwyth. They want to impress each other there with "hellos and sut maes" (and The Assembly!). A good collection of very good books! Unfortunately not appealing to the wider public!

It could do better - well, certain things never change. Go there for the view! Good employer in the area. It is a beautiful building. Strange librarian I would not trust though.
Helo, sut mae? Ydych chi'n brysur? Hello - you are well? Off for some gos' (gossip) at the National Library of Wales.
by roged April 01, 2009
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One of the dying libraries in the UK.

We love good libraries.

Director is said to have had an affair with his former secretary who also knits in the library. The archive houses such records - or maybe just rumours? A weird guy is often seen there with glasses and an iPad, trying to make himself important because in fact, he is not. He has worked there for years, still attending Welsh classes. C'mon 'gwd boy', the ancient lingo is not that difficult! Dysgwch!

You can get married in the library now, you know?!

No concept. Twitter and Facebook pages - boring.

Must visit soon.
Need to check the internet for free at the National Library of Wales, maybe with the iPad.
by bombolom February 10, 2011
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