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National Library of Wales - the national storage for Welsh books (super digitisation now!), closed in the evenings, closed on Saturdays, closed also on Sundays and during snowfall!

Welsh-speakers are preferred here even though the head of this place comes from England, also: boring exhibitions and bad coffee!

Very good history here - and experts in their fields.

You cannot take your books home. Once staff "have their foot in there", they can rest, play online games, dream, be depressed - and be off-sick as much as they like. A big social club it seems to the interested outsider. Just another institution.
Hiya - there's another exhibition about Dylan Thomas in the National Library of Wales.
by blogvile March 25, 2009
Arriva Trains Wales: dirty trains running from Birmingham to Aberystwyth in the 21st century. The conductor from Machynlleth sometimes hides in the toilet - so if you are lucky you do not need a ticket! You will get there in the end. Do not get off at Dyfi Junction. You could be lost forever! Being late is only one of the other characteristics of the Arriva Trains Wales.
Arriva Trains Wales - better late than never!
by blogvile March 25, 2009

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