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an expression of axeness.
"Holy nation!"
by Anonymous November 03, 2003
adj. meaning another word for cool or sick
Guy 1 - "why is mike still in the hot tub?"
Guy 2 - " because he's too nation to get out"
by R2D2pac May 02, 2008
"It's the energy, it's the desire...it's what wants to be done, what needs to be done, and what will probably get done."
What's going on for the night? Drink Nation!
by The Boob July 07, 2003
a word that can be used in place of words you can't think of when you are excited
Dude that nation bitch is nation...damn she was so freaking nation.
by Hey Sixman May 06, 2005
To become beligerent or militant; go postal. An homage to the Nation of Islam.
When that bitch heard they didn't have no maple bacon, she upped and went nation on that ass!
by wh00kah September 07, 2004
haha the guy before me heard that on howard stern
one nation under groove
by the truth September 10, 2004