the most awesome person ever. shes so much fun to hangout with and i love her<3. shes like one of the prettiest people i know even though she wont admit it. we can crack up at the stupidest things for like an hour. she is really easy to tlak to but she has a loud mouth
i love natasha
by kelsey ur bestie July 18, 2008
Top Definition
The name Natasha (Russian) means Christmans Day or birthday. It is usually used to portray desirable and enviable female characters in film, literature, etc. Most Natasha's are beautiful. They exude mystery and seduction.
Tabitha: I don't like that girl, Natasha.

Robert: She's hot!!! I would love to bang Natasha!!!!

Tabitha: She looks like a slut!

Robert: You're just jealous.
by natashasoftheworld November 15, 2006
The most beautiful, smart and perfectly delecta-licious-mazing, uber delicious double chocolate-chip cookie dough square of a girl all wrapped in super pumpkin-spice awesomeness! :])
I am sooo keeping my Natasha.
by oatmeal cookie December 08, 2010
A female usually of Russian or Hispanic decent. Has a crazy hairstyle, not fat not skinny and is constantly laughing at something that is possibly not even funny. Her sense of style is well put together. Guys fall in love with her especially black guys but a Natasha usually already has fallen for a boy from her childhood days .

Natashas usually go for white boys and if they take chances hispanic guys with shaggy hair.

Natashas love ice cream even during cold weather and can tolerate just about anyone.

WARNING: Natashas can be a bitches and if necessary will chew you out.
"DAM! She is a sexy bitch that Natasha Girl" "Natasha its 28 degrees outside why are you eating ice cream!"
by SimmonSaysuLOSE January 04, 2010
the sweetess most sensitive and sexy girl you will find.
she would never cheat on a guy and she is the best french kisser.
Natasha is soo sexy!

I know! But she is mine!
by loose leaf binder(new crush) August 26, 2008
an amazing girlfriend, gorgeous, amazing and graceful like a swan even when she trips over things.
She's Definitly A Natasha
by Jeffafa April 13, 2009
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