An amazing individual, Natasha's are always loyal and life long companions. Only the best people end up with one of them. They usually are tough to read, and have a lot off baggage. However, they are always worth it. Natasha's always give their opinions but are respectful and most of the time they are right.
She is so perfect, she is a Natasha!
by tealrose21 November 18, 2014
Generally a girl of Russian or Ukranian decent who has a sexy body. Natashas are almost always blonde and have the sexiest curves. They are also very open to new ideas and like to be friendly, however they generally come off as shy. But once you take the time to know them they open up into the most kind and ridiculous girl out there. Natashas will take the time to listen to you and will do anything to protect their friends and what they feel is right. Natasha doesn't like to talk about her feelings too much and has trouble communicating her emotions, she's quite sensitive underneath her hard shell. Natashas are strong and like to protect people, but secretly hope for someone to protect them.
"Damn did you hear about what Natasha did the other day? She punched that shithead square in the nose when he groped Rachel"
" Natashas super hot, I wish I had a girl like her to beat up my enemies"
by HotJesusbabies June 04, 2015
Intelligent, determine Russian double-agent, sometimes helping Mr. Chang, sometimes allied with General Kazoo. Always ready to party with Tabasco.
The Commodore regarded Natasha warily, as well he should, as he walked up the stately steps to the posh party given by the Viscount.
by chasethedoor February 03, 2014
A russian word for Christmas or birth. Natasha's are usually beautiful, hot,and full of mystery
Robert: oh Natasha is hot
Sarah: yeah anyone who hates her is just jealous
by awesomeness124 May 20, 2015
the most beautiful, smart, kindest and funniest chic in sight!!!!!!!!
"wow shes cool"
"she sounds like a Natasha"
"yeah i want her!"
by your Bff May 31, 2015
Most Natasha's are mysterious, an athletic type and very straight forward. They are straight thinkers and have a quite bad attitude and tend to say things without realizing. Natasha means "Born On Christmas Day" and is a Russian name. They are the most enviable characters in literature and fiction.
"Whoa! Look at that, she is such a Natasha"
"No she is not. I am a Natasha."
"No, your just jealous."
by tigerpaw6 October 13, 2015
An easy going person. She's brave and see's the world as a goal, to accomplish all. She's confident and poise. She walks into a room and knows how to work it without much work. She interviews great and is proactive in all she does. When she sets her mind to something, she is bound to accomplish it. She's beautiful and she knows it. Yet she's not afraid to make others feel as beautiful just as much. She believes in making sure others are about and puts their happiness before hers at times. Natasha's love to serve others and if she is to go without to make others happy, she's not afraid to make that sacrifice. She knows how to be romantic and takes it to par in the bedroom. Her name sounds royal and therefore she should be the next Disney princess.
Natasha is so damn gorgeous!
by loverofthename June 21, 2016
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