Used in the very rare situations when "perfection" or "Amazing" can not properly articulate the magnitude of awesomeness when defining something or someone
Today was totally.......Natasha
#natasha #begin #perfect #awesome #amazing
by Baby/Bear December 06, 2009
a natasha is known all around for her legs and bright smile. her hair is always perfect and she gets along with everyone.

natasha=one word. legs. a natasha is a very athletic being, with an excellant body that girls want to have and guys want to do.

be warned though, natasha will fly off the handle if betrayed by one of her friends. she is extremely trusting, and only her true friends will not take advantage of it.
girl 1: hey look at that girl's legs!
girl 2: yeaaah, she must be a natasha

boy 1: everytime i do my girlfriend i imagine she has natasha's body
boy 2: i just do natasha!
#legs #perfect #athletic #trusting #body
by thecool1 July 21, 2010
Someone who blows your mind away. She has all the right moves, but no answers for them. She will leave you questioning every move of hers. Is it better to watch her or to leave her in place. She will allude the question and you will stay while she blows your mind away.
Natasha she blows my mind as I sit and watch her splendor captivate my precious soul...

Could Natasha be any more captivating as she steals the audiences heart and makes you wonder how she does her juggling act...
#pickle #fickle #tickle #sickle #riddle
by HelioDynamo February 02, 2010
The name Natasha (Russian) means Christmas Day or birthday. It is usually used to portray desirable and enviable female characters in film, literature, etc. she is the sweetess most sensitive and sexy girl you will find.she would never cheat on a guy and she is the best french kisser.She will blow your mind away. She has all the right moves, but no answers for them. She will leave you questioning every move of hers.Most Natasha's are beautiful. They exude mystery and seduction.
definatly a Natasha
#hot #sexy #sweet #devine #desirable
by Devine Goddess February 04, 2010
A very bright and beautiful girl, best girl I have ever met.
I love that girl, Natasha.
#beautiful #amazing #funny #sweet #loving
by Raffy123 December 06, 2010
a pretty girl who tends to come of as either shy or a total sarcastic bitch, but actually is a loyal friend and doesn't hate without a good reason.
girl 1:"omg, that natasha was being so sarcastic!"
girl 2:"u obviously don't know her well"
#pretty #sarcastic #bitch #kind #loyal
by t1w2e44e44g5y6 June 18, 2010
A woman of outstanding beauty, intelligence, and grace.

The girl I will love forever and ever.

Someone who understands.
A girl with natural beauty.
A simple, but intelligent girl.
And most of all, my best friend <3
" Dude Natasha is the best thing that ever happened to me. "
#beautiful #gorgeous #smart #funny #cool
by willdemaio October 08, 2011
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