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If you're in the military....

Nasty Girls refers to members of the National Guard....
You Nasty Girls better get in shape! - You're heading to Iraq
by SapperZulu January 15, 2008
Nasty Girl, is a Girl who no Longer cares about her Reputation and that likes to get bone down and suck up guys and shit like that, deffinately someone you dont want to be friends with..
"so that chick i hooked up with lasst niight, Man! , she was a Nasty Girl"
by Beautiful Ladybug October 17, 2006
Stands for "National Guard." Usually applies to individuals who are, in fact, weekend warriors, but think that they are the most badass "Army" guy out there.

They talk about basic training constantly, and always take pictures of themselves in their gently used uniforms.

A typical nasty girl facebook post: "Random Drill Sergeant quote... HOOAH!!!!!"
That nasty girl always has to tell everybody about anything he does Army related.
by herpguy May 11, 2011
1. a very fine woman
2. a not so fine woman
1a. dayem, that girl is nasty! (sexy voice)
1b. dayem, you is a nastygirl! (sexy voice)
2. dayem, that girl is nasty! stay the fuck away from me! (scared voice)

by Anonymous March 16, 2003
They named themselves the nasty girls becasue they are nasty, gross, slutty, ugly, fat, and rude. No one likes you, you are failures at life. Stop trying to be sweet, and your name? Lets brag about how gross we are
Fuck the example they can suck it
by seniors06 February 03, 2005
a stank girl who goes out with virtually no clothes on, dances like a complete slut, or acts like a whore. usually a combination.
"look how she is dressed! nasty girl!"
by tylerrrr June 09, 2006
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