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When a guy ejaculates into their partners nose, shooting cum up their nose.
"My nose has been running all day"
"Why's that? Did you get a nasonex last night?"
by Ashleytuff February 28, 2008
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When one (man) is recieving oral sex from one (woman/man.) The reciever will then take his (penis) out of the oriphice of the giver and (ejaculate) in the giver's nose.
My girlfriend had a sinus infection, so i gave her a shot of nasonex and she felt much better, but she smelled like burnt salt.....and cum.
by Nizzim (Sf'ing Mf'ers) December 31, 2004
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To Nasonex a girl. While receiving a blow job or having sex and you are about to nut, you release your jizz into one of her nostrils while holding close the opposite one.
I nasonexed my girl last night and now she has a sinus infection.
by DookiePanuch08 January 04, 2009
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When a male inserts his dick into a chicks (or dudes) nose.
Just like the medicine nasonex for allergies.
by Logie Wogie & M Shon March 11, 2011
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