To make someone think they are getting a really good deal, when really you are.
Did you see what I just sold that guy? I totally Nashed him.
by UhYeahIDid March 23, 2011
Top Definition
The term used for someone who gets extremly intoxicated and proceeds to do something epic at a party, wedding or social gathering.
"Dude did you see that guy last night? He was completly Nashed, downed half a bottle of vodka and threw up on the bride...epic"
by TheNash24 January 24, 2012
The act of bad-mouthing someone via instant message, only to find out that you just instant messaged that person, instead of the intended audience.
Instant message Conversation:

Bob: Hey Melissa, would you rather kiss Nashe or eat a sand sandwich

Nashe: What are you talking about? What is your question?

Bob: Oh crap, nevermind

Nashe: Oh shit, I've just been Nashe'd
by Doreen S. January 20, 2006
Verb - To patronise, demean and to generally have a managerial cock-like attitude towards colleagues and co-workers.
A: "Errrrr... is that the correct printer cartidge?"
B: "Oh my God, he just nashed me to hell and back about a printer cartridge."
by johnny_nasher January 16, 2009
Noun) A person who has been a victim of Nashing.

Verb) The act of being a victim of Nashing.
Noun) Person A: Dude, I am Nashed!

Person B: Hahaha! You were Nashed!

Verb) Person A: Yo! I am going to Nash Steve and Julie!

Person B: I wish I could be there to see them get Nashed!
by grimmnova February 02, 2014
To be absolutely pulverised, bashed, smashed, stabbed, shot. Or have any physical harm done to you by another human. (Preferably with the last name of “Nash”)
You're Gonna Get Nashed.
Dude, You Got So Nashed.
That Guy Nashed You Up.
by Oh Really fool? September 03, 2006
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