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So far in the closet, you're in Narnia.
Look at that guy eyeing me up like that, he's such a Narnia gay...
by Psychemaster March 06, 2007
The state of being so far into the closet that you are in Narnia, syn: flamer
Bill: Damn yo, that Merrick kid is Narnia Gay!

Joe: Tell me about it, look at the pink hsirt and those earrings
by Casella August 14, 2008
When someone refuses to come out of the closet and instead have a bearded life with a wife or husband, they are Narnia Gay
'Wow he's so far in the closet he's stuck in Narnia, He's Narnia Gay'

Person 1: Wait Susan has a boyfriend? I thought she was lesbian...?

Person 2: I think she's Narnia Gay'
by htynxdkckidc765 May 04, 2011
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