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4 definitions by Psychemaster

So far in the closet, you're in Narnia.
Look at that guy eyeing me up like that, he's such a Narnia gay...
by Psychemaster March 06, 2007
The word cried from the rooftops when something you did about 3 years ago that nobody actually gave a damn about is unearthed by some moron and spread around the community.
Guy 1: Wait, you stole my $10 bill?! XPOSED!!!1!
Guy 2: Uh, that was like three years ago, man.
by Psychemaster April 24, 2007
The name given to the ragtag ensemble outfit that results from wearing some or all of the clothing you were given for Christmas.
Let's see, we've got a lurid green T-Shirt, a bright red jacket, some black denim jeans and a pair of bright white sneakers.

Yea, that's a Christmas clownsuit all right.
by Psychemaster December 24, 2010
The subconscious workings of the various energies in the universe which cause ironic things to happen.
That Irony Engine screwed me over again...
by Psychemaster December 11, 2006